Welcome to invited guests and representatives of selected projects.


Official opening ceremony of the 14th BrasilCineMundi and 17th Mostra CineBH.


Special screenings of films that have been projects in previous editions of Brasil CineMundi.


Individual meetings between selected projects and professionals from the international audiovisual market, such as: producers, fund representatives, distributors, sales agents and representatives of market events and festivals interested in establishing partnerships with Brazilian cinema.


Daily happy hour as an informal place for networking between guests and project representatives.


A training program with the objective of investing in the development, better realization and commercialization of Brazilian feature film projects, offering to the project teams several activities with specialized professionals from the world audiovisual industry.

DEVELOPMENT LAB – This lab is aimed at projects in development phase, from Horizonte, DocBrasil Meeting and Foco Minas categories. It offers a set of activities aimed at preparing project representatives for meetings with national and international guests that will take place during Brasil CineMundi, as well as identifying and working on the strengths and points that need attention in the projects, contributing to the training of directors and producers, with the creative process and the development of the project. The activities take place in several meetings during the month of September and include presentations and group training and individual consultancies.

SPECIALIZED CONSULTING – International guests provide specialized consultancy to projects in the WIP – First Cut category with the aim of qualifying them for coproductions, contributing to the production or post-production stages, launch strategies, distribution and debut in international markets.

SCRIPT MENTORING – A team of eight talents from the Paradiso Project will share their learning and experiences, providing an online script mentoring for the selected projects, contributing to the creative processes of these new stories.

DEBATES, PANELS AND CASE STUDIES – It connects Brazilian and foreign professionals, acting as a facilitator for dialogue, reflection and exchange of information on the international audiovisual market.

WORKSHOPS AND MASTERCLASS – Activities that invests in the training and qualification of audiovisual professionals, providing tools for the creation, development and production of projects, creating opportunities for recycling and exchanging knowledge about contemporary cinema trends in dialogue with their audiences.


Closing and awards ceremony with the participation of guests and directors and producers of the selected projects.