Satu Elo – Programme Manager Europe | Luxembourg

This panel will present the profile and experiences of one of the leading producers’ training programmes in Europe with a unique network of over 2300 producers. Founded in 1988, the EAVE – European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs objectives are to provide professional training opportunities and to bring producers from different regions of the world together with the aim of facilitating co-production relationships. Working with a worldwide network of partners, EAVE is involved in programmes for producers in Europe, Latin America, the Arab world, Asia, Africa and Russia. Over the last years, we have been revising our existing training offer and creating new workshop programmes to continuously strengthen the European independent production and to contribute to its sustainability and competitiveness by reinforcing the producer’s creative, managerial and financial capacity to compete successfully in European and global markets.

Guest: Satu Elo – Programme Manager Europe | Luxembourg

Moderator: Gudula Meinzolt – producer Autentika Films, collaborator Brasil CineMundi | Switzerland